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Your Android phone can be decelerated by some cumbersome files or apps as time goes by. To boost the Android phone, you can use some apps besides deleting files. However, before you get privilege to install such apps, there is a must-to-do job – root Android. After rooting, you can install some apps to improve performance of your phone, hibernate some app you are not using, and so on. Except rooting with Kingo Root and KingRoot that we introduced in the latest posts, today the very app we will introduce to you is iRoot.

iRoot, also named vRoot and Root Master, is a powerful Android rooting master that make the success rate more than 90%. The advanced root engine and secure technique make iRoot an outstanding rooting program that enjoys Android users' trust. And the newest version has improved the stability when rooting.

Note: Rooting your phone can be inherently risky. S




iRoot 3.2.3

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  Iroot 3.2.3

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